4 Considerations To Know When Purchasing Arizona Investment Property

Even just in a housing market where one can acquire property at huge discounts, you still need research your options! That which you know, or have no idea, will change up the results of an investment. For instance if you buy a house within the wrong section of town or inaccurately calculate the rental market, you might considerably hinder the development of the investment. The correct research will help you to minimize risk. Go ahead and take uncertainty from your decision to purchase property. This information will not always let you know which Arizona investment property to buy however will reveal 4 critical factors that needs to be researched when creating the decision. You will also be presented having a couple of tools to help you inside your analysis.


The very first element of buying an Arizona investment rentals are to look for the best location. How does one know this, unless of course you’re positively employed in or staring at the Arizona housing market? Just since you can get just one home for $40,000 does not mean it’s the finest deal available. There’s lots of money flowing in to the Arizona market from investors situated in other areas, along with other parts around the globe. A number of these investors are getting property since it is cheap, not always since it is within the best location.

The September 2010: Repeat Sales Index Report, printed monthly by Arizona Condition University’s W.P. Carey School of economic, provides more information around the condition from the Arizona housing market. This report highlights alterations in housing prices by location, that is a great indicator for potential investors.

June 2009 – June 2010 Alterations in Housing Prices by Region

Central 5.8%

Northeast -5.1%

Southeast -1.3%

Northwest 1.8%

Southwest 4.2%

In line with the data above, it appears that homes found in the Central region (Phoenix) have outperformed other parts of the Valley. A few of the other indicators utilized in figuring out the very best Arizona investment property location are property foreclosure rates, median home values, and pending home sales.

Property Type

The 2nd element of buying an Arizona investment rentals are to find out property type. Whether it’s just one family, townhome, condominium, or multi-family, you have to make certain the home matches together with your overall investment strategy. If you’re searching to purchase and hold for money flow, then you’re searching for that property that may yield the greatest monthly rent (a duplex or tri-plex more than a condominium or townhome). If you’re searching for any fix and switch property, a single home most abundant in resale potential could be the smartest choice. Once more, this information is not searching at list of positive actions, but to describe that there’s a positive change in property type according to neglect the expectations.

Let us consider the investment technique of investing in a income property. Clearly the aim is to get a property in the cheapest cost possible producing the greatest possible rate of return. The comparison below can have the possibility impact that the certain property type might have in your income strategy.

Condominium versus. Duplex Example


Purchase Cost – $50,000

Monthly Rent – $650

Monthly Expense – $270

Monthly Income – $380

Return on investment – 9.12%



Purchase Cost – $100,000

Monthly Rent – $1,150

Monthly Expense – $270

Monthly Income – $880

Return on investment – 10.56%

In line with the above example although the condominium is half the price of the duplex, it yields a smaller sized Roi (Return on investment). It is crucial that you element in the monthly expenses connected with every property type. This specific condo were built with a $200 monthly homeowner association due (common on condominiums and townhomes), which decreased our monthly income.

Market Price

The 3rd element of investing in a lucrative Arizona investment rentals are precisely figuring out the marketplace value. This can be a MUST and to guarantee the best information it’s suggested that you simply speak to a realtor. If you’re not sure who to make contact with within the Arizona market, you can contact Obvious Vision Investment Group for any recommendation.

This isn’t a help guide to finishing your personal market valuation however will give you some tools to complete your personal research and also to be informed from the assessment process. There are lots of websites (Zillow.com, Cyberhomes.com, etc.) which will run an automatic valuation for any specific property. In figuring out the particular value, these must only be employed to provide you with a ball game and don’t always consider all factors that may impact exactly what the rentals are well worth.

How’s a property’s value determined? This isn’t theory, but much more of an informed opinion. The real worth of a house is exactly what someone would like to cover it. Whether it’s an appraiser or any other realtor, the marketplace value is dependent upon analyzing comparable home sales within the subject property’s locale. Some comparable factors include age, lot size, sq footage, quantity of bedrooms and bathrooms, and amenities (pool, upgrades, etc.).

In the finish during the day, the marketplace value have a direct effect on what you should purchase a house. When the value is miscalculated, you might end up overpaying for any property. This could cause a success for your expected profit.

Rental Market

The 4th component that needs to be researched before purchasing Arizona investment rentals are the rental market. Whether your intention is to find and hold in order to fix and switch, you should know the effectiveness of the neighborhood rental market. For individuals investors searching for any income investment, the speed of return is basically determined by this component. Just how much are you able to charge for rental in this region? How rapidly are qualities being rented out? For individuals mainly searching for any temporary fix and switch investment, don’t overlook this component. What goes on if you’re not in a position to sell your home as rapidly while you had intended? Here’s your exit strategy.

There’s two primary factors to analyze when staring at the Arizona rental market, monthly rents billed and vacancy rates. If you notice significant variations during these factors in one place to another. For instance, the Department of Housing and concrete Development’s 2011 Believed Rent Report shows the believed monthly rent for any 3 Bed room Property in Phoenix having a 85021 zipcode is $1,220 whereas the believed monthly rent for any 3 Bed room Property (and in Phoenix) having a 85022 zipcode is $1,440. These estimates could have a large effect on where a trader purchases their home.

There’s a many sources open to you with info on the Arizona rental market. However just like figuring out the marketplace value, you should meet with a realtor or property management company. If you’re not sure who to make contact with within the Arizona housing market, don’t hesitate to contact Obvious Vision Investment Group to obtain a recommendation.

It’s a wonderful time to buy Arizona investment property however you should research your options. Now you understand the important thing components to buying a effective investment, it’s time to seek information. Find out how Arizona Investment Property by Obvious Vision Investment Group can help you for the reason that research.


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