Six Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is any land or property meant to turn a profit from capital gain or rental income.  Real estate agents publish commercial real estate listings in Denver that include properties such as retail buildings, industrial buildings, warehouses, office spaces, apartment buildings, and more. There are many good reasons for investing in these properties.

These include:

Long-Term Higher Yields

Real estate returns are quite attractive compared to traditional alternative investments such as bonds and stocks. Although commercial real estate may take a little work, investors see a reward for their efforts. The market experiences the highest appreciation trends for investors. The important thing here is to make all the necessary improvements to the property without spending too much.

Improved Cash Flow

Real estate investments often deliver steady cash flow with investors getting their income every month, every quarter, or ever year. In general, high occupancies and rising rents deliver this cash flow.

Reduced Risk

In buildings that accommodate multiple occupancies, there is less risk of income loss in terms of vacancies since other tenants are still contributing to covering the operating costs. Also, because a lot of commercial real estate leases are triple net, tenants have the responsibility to take care of the property’s main expenses in addition to base rents. Moreover intrinsic value on commercial real estate provides investors value no matter how certain features end up.

Security Advantage

Unlike other forms of investments, commercial real estate promises value both the land and property improvements like landscaping, infrastructure, and structures. Also, there is a stable demand for these properties. A good real estate agent can help investors pick the best location and property within their desired area to make the most of their investments.

Inflation Hedge

For many investors, commercial real estate is an asset class that can help in offsetting the effect of inflation over the long term. Indeed, this is one of the reasons investors add real estate into their mixed-asset portfolio of investments. Typically, investors can adjust rents over time due to the inflation-hedging benefits of commercial real estate. Also, the yearly increase in corporate leases helps investors grow their returns, giving them organic opportunities for profit.

Tax Benefits

When properly structured, commercial real estate investors can claim deductions related to interest expense, depreciation, and other items that can deter the taxes on cash distributions. Plus, it is worth noting that a new law allows a 20 percent deduction of income received through pass-through entities like LLCs.


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